All’s Fair in Sports and Politics (#AFiSnP) is a blog focusing (quite obviously) on sports and politics.  The primary commentators are myself, Quinn Gomola, and Ian Dacey.  Assistance will be provided with regularity from Taylor Mitchener who can be called our producer and editor.  Derin Dacey will be an additional political expert who will also post.  Travis Henley is a new sports and politics contributor now posting.  Anyone else joining in will be introduced at a later date.  Please feel free to tweet us @AllsFairinSandP or email us at allsfairinsportsandpolitics@gmail.com.  You can also follow us on FaceBook at All’sfairinSandP.

We are excited to be discussing a wide range of topics.  In sports we have a few teams we will regularly be commenting on.  Ian, Travis and I will jointly cover US Men’s National Team.  I will also be reviewing UVA sports, Chelsea FC, DC United, and the Dallas Cowboys.  Ian will be reviewing JMU sports, Real Madrid, and the New England Patriots.  The Pittsburgh Pirates and Penguins, Boston Red Sox, Bruins, and Celtics will also most likely be discussed.  Even golf, tennis, and Ladies Gaelic Football can find their ways into these pages.  On the political side there will be discussion of state, local, and federal levels of American government with the possibility of discussing foreign affairs also likely.  We now can also claim so input on urban planning as well.

Because we are all big USMNT fans here we will begin with reviews of the majority of their matches from the past year and branch out from there.  From here on All’s Fair in Sports and Politics. Enjoy!


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